Easton Ongaro on OneSoccer Hangout: Estevez reaction, European aspirations, and more

FC Edmonton striker Easton Ongaro joined the OneSoccer Hangout Tuesday to discuss the Eddies’ 2020 roster additions, York9 FC’s Emilio Estevez’s European transfer, and his height.

Coming just hours after Estevez’s historic transfer to Dutch Eredivisie side ADO Den Haag, Ongaro credited the fellow 21-year-old for inspiring fellow CPLers who dream of a move abroad.

“This transfer, for players like me, is extremely motivating,” Ongaro said. “You see all these doors opening for young Canadians and it really changes your perspective.

“If you said these things would have happened at the start of the season people would have laughed at you. Every time something like that happens, it shows how much more likely it could be for a player like me.”

Ongaro, who scored 10 goals in 21 matches for Edmonton in 2019, signed a multi-year deal with the club last November after a breakout campaign.

When asked about his own European career aspirations, Onargo revealed he had recently acquired an Italian passport.

“The dream has always been Europe. This passport was a bit of the first step in that dream,” Ongaro said. “Whether Europe or MLS, that’s the goal for me.”

Ongaro also revealed he was training with the Vancouver Whitecaps organization before the CPL pre-season began and was later halted due to COVID-19 concerns.

“It was frustrating to have all that work vanish,” Ongaro said. “But this season is all about consistency, starting as many games as I can, and taking on a new role with the club. Hopefully giving myself some exposure to move on to level.”

The OneSoccer gang also managed to confirm Ongaro’s height, as the big man has assigned various figures over his first professional career.

“Just barely over six-foot-six,” Ongaro said with a smile.

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