Atlético Ottawa’s Ben Fisk on Footy Talks: Ottawa move was for ‘footballing future’

Atlético Ottawa’s Ben Fisk joined Footy Talks LaLiga Weekly on Tuesday night to discuss his move to the nation’s capital, his career thus far, and being a leader for the Canadian Premier League’s first expansion side.

Speaking with hosts Carlos Verde and Mike DeLuca, the 27-year-old Fisk recounted coming to Ottawa from Pacific FC, where he made 24 appearances in the 2019 CPL season.

“Making the move to Ottawa was about looking at my footballing future,” Fisk began. “I’m relatively young in the game and I have a lot of improvement left, so I wanted to make the best shot to make a leap forward.

“What a better spot than under the Atlético umbrella.”

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The former Pacific captain is the odds-on favorite to take a similar role with Ottawa since he was unveiled as the club’s inaugural signing. When asked about leading Ottawa’s young roster, Fisk preached patience and understanding with the expansion side’s first squad.

“I’m going to give 16-year-old Antoine Coupland the same respect when he suggests I should have been somewhere on the pitch as I will with our coach, Mista,” Fisk said.

“If you have a whole team doing that, you’re in good shape.”

Fisk also recalled the harrowing pre-season experience in Madrid, where the CPL side was stranded during the height of Spain’s COVID-19 outbreak.

“It was supposed to be a month in dreamland, but we all know what happened there,” Fisk joked.

“But it was important to feel a part of the greater Atlético organization, even for a short time.”

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