CCL! Ep. 15: Cavalry’s CanChamp chance, David Edgar & late Valour drama

Centre Circle LIVE! The Official #CanPL Podcast.
Centre Circle LIVE! The Official #CanPL Podcast.

Marty & Armen return to prime massive cup matches this week for Cavalry and Forge. Plus, they debate late drama at Wanderers Grounds, David Edgar’s place in Forge’s lineup and discover some fun stuff to do in Montreal.


  • 1:34 – Cavalry facing another “wounded” MLS side in CanChamp…
  • 7:01 – “Forge is approaching CONCACAF League the same as league play.”
  • 10:28 – “Hardened” David Edgar joins Forge… What does he bring?
  • 14:01 – Third injury-time penalty in a row for Valour?
  • 15:59 – Jordan Murrell shows his emotion in Halifax
  • 20:11 – FC Edmonton, Easton Ongaro expressing themselves “in the right way”
  • 23:58 – Marble makers… please get in touch!
  • 27:12 – Where does David Edgar fit in Forge’s lineup?

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