LISTEN: Forge ‘winger’ Nanco talks CPL reunions, ‘favourites’ label, and FIFA 19

Centre Circle LIVE! The Official #CanPL Podcast.
Centre Circle LIVE! The Official #CanPL Podcast.

The latest edition of Centre Circle LIVE! On Location has Forge FC strik – er, no, winger – Chris Nanco hopping on the couch to chat about his preseason impressions, head coach Bobby Smyrniotis’ lighter side, and his potential options on the international level.

And, yes, Nanco also has his own death-defying pre-season story to share.

Watch for more featured interviews from Centre Circle LIVE! on location, as pre-season continues in the Dominican Republic.


03:50 – ‘He knows how to get joke around’ coach Bobby Smriotis has a fun side, it turns out
07:09 – Did Nanco get a good enough chance with the Philadelphia Union?
11:41 – Eligible for Canada, Jamaica and India, Nanco discussed potential international career
15:44 – The biggest get by Coach Bobby this preseason?
18:50 – “I’m looking forward to travelling Canada.”
22:10 – Aaannnd another death-defying preseason story… also from Louisville

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