Marco Carducci on CPL Instagram Live: Cavalry’s home opener, quarantine hair & more

Cavalry FC goalkeeper Marco Carducci joined’s Marty Thompson on the CPL’s Instagram account for a live chat ahead of Monday evening’s OneSoccer Rewatch of the Cavs’ home opener versus York9 FC from 2019.

Carducci helped look back on a major day in the history of Canadian soccer, which saw six CPL clubs in action for an historic triple-header.

Carducci started with his memories of that snowy home opener at ATCO Field last May 4, with the goalkeeper fondly remembering the home side’s 2-1 win.

Carducci recounted what Cavs coach Tommy Wheeldon Jr. said to his players before they took the field that afternoon.

“One thing I really remember from Tommy that was really important was he mentioned something about, there’s gonna be ups and downs,” Carducci recalled. “Thinking everything’s gonna go our way, that’s never the way it goes.”

The goalkeeper also spoke about his fondness for the Foot Soldiers supporters’ group and their chanting for him.

“If we had a really great start to the game, which happened quite a lot at Spruce Meadows, I wouldn’t be super involved,” he said. “The first time I touched the ball the fans would start cheering my name.”

Carducci and Thompson covered a variety of other topics, including Carducci’s quarantine hairstyle, and how he’s been passing the time while away from the football pitch — a Marvel movie marathon, apparently.

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