Nova Scotian rapper Classified confident Halifax is ready for soccer

Let me introduce you to the Supernova Scotian.

Lucas Boyd, better known as Classified, is a hiphop artist/producer from Nova Scotia. The boy from Enfield has worked alongside fellow Canadians like Buck 65 and Maestro Fresh-Wes, as well as international heavyweights such as Snoop Dogg and Olly Murs.

The multi-JUNO, MuchMusic Video Awards, and East Coast Music Awards winner not only has his own (self-made) Heritage Moment, but also re-wrote the national anthem, while managing to work “poutine” to the new lyrics.

He’s now excited for a new team to hit Halifax. In this exclusive interview for, Sonja Missio chats with the Halifax hip hop hero on Canada’s only east coast team.

What should the rest of Canada expect from Halifax fans?

Classified: Excitement! We don’t have any professional sports teams besides a basketball team; I think the East Coast has been waiting for a team to cheer on and really get behind … so overdue!

So with that in mind, what makes the East Coast sports culture so special/different than the rest of Canada?

Classified: I think it’s the same with the music industry, we are secluded over here so when something happens, we get excited and it becomes the talk of the town. Even with our Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) team, we pack the arena every time they play. I don’t think too many other teams from that league get the fans we do. It will be exciting to see the people come out and support our new team.

As the only east coast Canadian team, what do you think the team needs to forge their identity?

Classified: 1. Fans 2. Wins and 3. Excitement for the community.

It’s game day: Where do you recommend people to eat?

Classified: Well, you got Pizza Corner just down the road which gives you lost of pizza/donair/garlic finger options. Then you have Tony’s Pizza just up the road and King of Donair the other direction, so lots of donair options, which is what you should be eating when you’re coming to watch an east coast team!

Trent McClellan already said he wanted to start a rivalry; any words for opposing teams?

Classified: When you come to the east coast … you might not make it out of here alive. Or, you might want to stay forever ’cause we got it like that!

Finally, what message do you have for Halifax’s newest team/newest athletes?

Classified: Thanks for coming to the greatest place on earth. I know the fans in Halifax have been dying to cheer on a team from here… so get ready for a lot of support from the community.

Classified’s most recent album, Tomorrow Could Be the Day Things Change, features a smorgasbord of Canadian talent, including an appearance from Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys. And while we hope he doesn’t ever run into Trent McClellan at Wanderers Grounds, you can bet he’ll be supporting his supporting the Wanderers with gusto, just like the rest of the city.

Oh. And if you ever wanted to hear Snoop rap about Nova Scotia, listen to Classified’s No Pressure (feat. Snoop Dogg).