OneSoccer Hangout roundtable: First impressions of Atlético Ottawa’s kit

Friday afternoon’s OneSoccer Hangout was another roundtable discussion, which featured pundits Oliver Platt, Kurt Larson, and Adam Jenkins giving their thoughts on a variety of topics from the past week in the soccer world.

They chatted briefly about football starting to return to play around the world, before launching into a full breakdown of Atlético Ottawa’s kit reveal from Thursday night. All three hosts offered their initial reaction to the red-and-white striped kit.

“I liked it more than I thought I would, I thought it would be cookie-cutter,” Larson said. “I liked the way the blue popped on the kit.”

Larson and Platt added the new jersey into their personal rankings of CPL home kits, with Larson slotting it fourth and Platt putting the Ottawa shirt in his top three.

“Actually seeing Ben Fisk and Antoine Coupland wearing that jersey made it feel a bit more like this is a real club,” Platt said about seeing the players and fans finally reveal the shirt.

The pundits also offered some kudos to the Atlético Ottawa fans, who showed impressive online support for the live event. That said, both Larson and Platt opined that they’d still put Valour FC first in their CPL supporters’ power rankings.

The group wrapped things up with some more discussion of Alphonso Davies’ success in Europe, pondering what it’ll take for the Bayern Munich star to get his due from casual footy fans in Canada (a successful World Cup qualification campaign, perhaps?).

Plus, a chat about which Canadian music acts they’d most like to see showing their support for the CPL, the English Premier League’s return, and which footballers they’d most like to see square off in a golf competition in the vein of “The Match.”

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