Soccer veteran Matt Braithwaite joins League1 Ontario, CPL administration

Matt Braithwaite has joined as Managing Director – League1 Ontario (L1O) and will also be working directly with the Canadian Premier League’s Football Development team where he will lead policy implementation, standards compliance and league operations in this new role.

As a previous Manager of Administration at Ontario Soccer, Matt brings over 15 years of recruiting, managing and operational experience to this role.  His love of the game translates to his in-depth administrative knowledge of the game and his breadth of experience will be an asset to League1 Ontario.

“I look forward to working with Matt and to get him integrated into this new role,” says League1 Ontario Commissioner Dino Rossi.  “Due to the growth of our league, especially with the addition of our reserve league in 2019, we have needed to expand our operational capacity and I am confident Matt is a very good choice.”

With years of experience, Matt will be a key contributor to providing clear direction of soccer governance, guidance and support to all L1O and CPL clubs.