York9’s Angus McNab on TLN: ‘There’s a great spirit amongst the squad’

York9 FC Managing Consultant Angus McNab joined local broadcaster TLN on Tuesday — virtually, from his home office, of course — to chat with host Camilla Gonzalez about the Nine Stripes and the broader world of soccer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

McNab began by recounting York9’s pre-season trip to Florida, which saw the players rushed back home prematurely in the interest of public safety. Due to the time constraints, he did reveal that some of Y9’s new international players — Adrián Ugarriza and Brian López, among a couple others — returned to their home countries rather than Canada, having not yet received their visas.

With the Nine Stripes squad self-isolating at home now, McNab assured viewers that the players are staying in shape, and keeping in constant contact with the club.

“There’s a great spirit amongst the squad, and very high standards as well,” said McNab, explaining that, in addition to strength and conditioning assignments, players have been asked to track things like sleep, muscle soreness, and any possible symptoms of COVID-19.

York9’s players have been active on social media the past week, with a number of them taking part in the #StayAtHomeChallenge, or joining the club’s FIFA 20 tournament. Newcomer to the squad Chris Mannella also joined OneSoccer last week for a Twitch Hangout.

Ultimately, McNab stressed that the most important thing right now is following the advice of medical experts in order to get through the crisis as quickly as possible.

“We’re just a small part of this in sport,” he said. “It’s not a sporting issue, it’s not a footballing issue, it’s ‘Let’s get nations and countries back up and running, and people safe again.'”

McNab’s full interview with TLN is available below: