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On, and off the field,
we are defined by our movements.

It could be 5 seconds of magical motion;
90 minutes of grind, grind, grind
against the toughest opponents we’ve ever faced;
or a lifetime of struggle.

And we are remembered by these movements,
by how we rise to our biggest moments of adversity.

2020 has challenged the world in ways few could have imagined.
The Canadian Premier League has risen to the challenge.

Rise Above is a series of  stories from our 2020 Season.

Stories that embody the spirit of Rise Above.

Glimpses into who we really are, and what we are truly made of.


Rise Above

Rise Above: HFX Uprising

Rise Above: Rewind

Rise Above: Hart of HFX

Rise Above: A hero for the isle

Rise Above: Atléti is born

Rise Above: The Forge Mentality

Rise Above: Dynasty Dreams

Rise Above: No Soldier Left Behind