MENU Newsroom: CanMNT recap and CPL pre-season analysis

In the latest episode of the Virtual Newsroom…

Charlie O’Connor-Clarke and Marty Thompson review a busy week in Canadian soccer, which ended with a disappointing Olympic qualifying loss by Canada’s under-23s to Mexico, and a record win for the senior team over the Cayman Islands in 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying.

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  • 2:35 – First up Canada’s senior side beat the Cayman Islands 11-0… but how excited should we be?
  • 4:33 – “Canada was playing like it was gym class and your teacher says you have to make five passes before you score.”
  • 5:46 – Meanwhile, the Olympic qualifying squad falls to Mexico despite an impressive semifinal
  • 7:27 – “Mexico was filled with starters in Liga MX… The odds were stacked against them.”
  • 11:37 – Biggest takeaways from Olympic qualifying? Individuals: “Lucas Diaz needs to be cap tied immediately.”
  • 15:55 – CPL big question time! Starting with Valour FC and their goalkeeping situation.
  • 17:41 – Marty and Charlie agree FC Edmonton can be “bigger than the sum of their parts”
  • 19:09 – “I think Cavalry has a better backline now than with Dominick Zator.”
  • 22:23 – Can a CPL player break 20 goals in a season and, if so, will it be Pacific FC’s Marco Bustos?

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