FC Edmonton given approval to acquire more loan players from within the Canadian Premier League

As the Canadian Premier League continues to support FC Edmonton in its development of the roster for the upcoming season it has been determined that the club will be allowed a special provision to loan more players from within the league than was previously approved.

League rules prior to 2022 allowed clubs to acquire a maximum of five players on loan and no more than one player from another CPL club. The length of any incoming player loan between clubs must be for the balance of the league season. International players previously were not approved be loaned to another team.

For FC Edmonton to maximize their resources in the construction of their 2022 squad they no longer have to operate within these parameters.

The League has approved this process to give the other seven clubs a benefit of signing players and immediately loaning them to FC Edmonton and to allow Alan Koch’s team to be stronger and more competitive in a year that begins for them on Sunday April 10th at home to Valour FC at Clarke Field in Edmonton. German forwards Julian Ulbricht and Tobias Warschewski, along with defender Felix N’sa, were officially announced as loans from York United on Thursday. More loans are expected to be announced shortly.

When a CPL team loans a player to FC Edmonton, the loaning club will have the ability to recall the player in-season if it can demonstrate extreme hardship; however, once a loaned player has been recalled by his parent club, he will no longer be eligible to return to play for FC Edmonton during the 2022 season.

Oliver Gage, Director of Football for the Canadian Premier League, said: “It is great to see clubs investing in players to get game time in a league that is at the forefront of opportunities for young players. FC Edmonton benefit from this as their squad improves, players benefit by getting valuable playing time and competitive minutes and their parent clubs benefit by securing other players and getting to see what they can do on the pitch.”

Jeff Harrop, President of FC Edmonton, added: “Having the opportunity to tap into additional loaned players from each of our member CPL clubs is a valuable asset this season. Adding seasoned players to our young roster to bring some experience and leadership will help boost our squad’s calibre and continues to create more pathway opportunities for players overall.”