Discipline & Suspensions


Red cards in Canadian Premier League competitive matches result in immediate suspension from forthcoming competitive matches.







Peter Schaale 100px-HFXWanderers August 6, 2022 1 1
Djenairo Daniels 100px-PacificFC July 30, 2022 1 1
Brett Levis 100px-ValourFC August 7, 2022 1 1

*Pending appeal from respective club or further action from Canada Soccer


Accumulation of four (4) Yellow Cards (YC) in competitive Canadian Premier League matches results in a one-game suspension to be served immediately after the player’s fourth offence. The player would, therefore, be suspended for the next match.

Additional punishments are served for eight (8) and 12 yellow cards; two (2) and three (3) games respectively. If a player accumulates 15 yellow cards in the season, they will be required to attend a disciplinary hearing where, in addition to a three-game suspension this automatically triggers, they could face further sanctions.

Where a player accumulates three (3) yellow cards in a season they may automatically reduce the yellow card accumulation total by one yellow card should they play in five consecutive league matches, after receiving the third yellow card, without receiving a yellow card, red card, or other discipline sanction arising during such matches. A player may only receive this incentive once throughout the course of the season. For the avoidance of doubt “plays” means actually enters the field of play either as a starter or a substitute. Further if the consecutive run is broken for any reason the five count starts again from the next time the player plays. This paragraph does not apply to cautions received in the Canadian Championship.



# of Yellow Cards


Djenairo Daniels Pacific FC 5 1
Peter Schaale HFX Wanderers FC 4 1
Brett Levis Valour FC 4 1


Name (Club)


Isaiah Johnston (York United) 8
Daan Klomp (Cavalry FC) 6
Djenairo Daniels (Pacific FC) 5
Mason Trafford (Cavalry FC) 5
José Escalante (Cavalry FC) 5
Charlie Trafford (Cavalry FC) 5
Mateo Hernández (York United) 5
Andre Rampersad (HFX Wanderers) 5
Andy Baquero (Valour FC) 5
Kwasi Poku (Forge FC) 5
Karifa Yao (Cavalry FC) 4
Diego Gutierrez (Valour FC) 4
Rocco Romeo (Valour FC) 4
Alessandro Riggi (Valour FC) 4
Moses Dyer (Valour FC) 4
Brett Levis (Valour FC) 4
Nathan Mavila (Pacific FC) 4
Kunle Dada-Luke (Pacific FC) 4
Simon Triantafillou (FC Edmonton) 4
Luke Singh (FC Edmonton) 4
Terique Mohammed (FC Edmonton) 4
Jordan Wilson (York United) 4
Maxim Tissot (Atlético Ottawa) 4
Abdou Sissoko (Atlético Ottawa) 4
Rezart Rama (Forge FC) 4
Peter Schaale (HFX Wanderers) 4
Sergio Camargo (Cavalry FC) 3
Elijah Adekugbe (Cavalry FC) 3
David Norman Jr. (Cavalry FC) 3
Joseph Di Chiara (Cavalry FC) 3
Roberto Alarcón (Cavalry FC) 3
Elliot Simmons (Cavalry FC) 3
Obeng Tabi (HFX Wanderers) 3
Zachary Fernandez (HFX Wanderers) 3
Jérémy Gagnon-Laparé (HFX Wanderers) 3
Marcello Polisi (HFX Wanderers) 3
Wesley Timoteo (FC Edmonton) 3
Mamadi Camara (FC Edmonton) 3
Nyal Higgins (FC Edmonton) 3
Abdou Samake (Pacific FC) 3
Sean Young (Pacific FC) 3
Jamar Dixon (Pacific FC) 3
Josh Heard (Pacific FC) 3
Gianni Dos Santos (Pacific FC) 3
Manuel Aparicio (Pacific FC) 3
Daryl Fordyce (Valour FC) 3
Walter Ponce (Valour FC) 3
Vladimir Moragrega (Atlético Ottawa) 3
Ben McKendry (Atlético Ottawa) 3
Ollie Bassett (Atlético Ottawa) 3
Zakaria Bahous (Atlético Ottawa) 3
Diego Espejo (Atlético Ottawa) 3
Kyle Bekker (Forge FC) 3
Aboubacar Sissoko (Forge FC) 3
Garven Metusala (Forge FC) 3
Tristan Borges (Forge FC) 3
Cédric Toussaint (York United) 3
Niko Giantsopoulos (York United) 3

*Suspension pending confirmation letter from Canada Soccer


The Canadian Premier League (a member of Canada Soccer) is monitored by The Canada Soccer Disciplinary Committee (CSDC) and its clubs and players are required to follow the Canada Soccer Disciplinary Code. Any disciplinary matters are determined and filed by the CSDC. This includes post-game review. This system keeps our domestic league in Canada aligned with the rules and standards found within the global game.

This CSDC applies to every match and competition organized by Canada Soccer or its Members and to breaches of the IFAB Laws of the Game, Canada Soccer By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Code of Conduct and Ethics and policies/directives in force. It also applies to any breach of Canada Soccer By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Canadian Soccer Code of Conduct and Ethics and policies that do not fall under the jurisdiction of any other body.