WATCH: Beland-Goyette launches stunning screamer in Valour win

“L-B-G, L-B-G, L-B-G”

Louis Beland-Goyette had his name – well, his initials – chanted by the Valour FC faithful after scoring a wicked one-hit screamer in a 3-1 win over FC Edmonton on Monday.

The midfielder’s long-range effort, straight as an arrow, across his body past Eddies goalkeeper Connor James, gave the hometown club its first win at IG Field since May 11.

Speaking to OneSoccer after the match, Beland-Goyette was quick to mention his goal as part of Valour’s second-half comeback.

“I’m more happy for the reaction this goal caused from the team,” Beland-Goyette told Ryan Brandt.

Monday’s strike was LBG’s first goal for Valour in its Fall campaign.

“I’ve never seen fans like that, that have behind the team like this. It has been very rough for them, especially at home,” Beland-Goyette continued.

“I hope they can enjoy this night.”