‘Let’s take the hill, one more time’: Nik Ledgerwood’s letter to Cavalry FC fans

Dear Cavalry FC fans,

When I joined the Canadian Premier League with Cavalry FC, the vision was always to stand triumphant when the final whistle of our inaugural season blew at long last. When I close my eyes, I picture the city of Calgary celebrating soccer history in our own backyard. Over the course of our final 90 minutes of football in 2019, the goal is to make that vision a reality, for you.

The second leg of Finals 2019 takes place at ATCO Field, Spruce Meadows this Saturday. I speak on behalf of the entire Cavalry FC team and staff when I say thank you to you, our supporters, for your dedication and loyalty to our new club. Through sleet, snow, and rain, you’ve stood by our side and cheered and spurred us on to glory, whether through the Spring and Fall titles, to the Wildrose Cup, and, hopefully, to the North Star Shield this weekend, when we take on Forge FC one last time.

It won’t be easy, of course. We know we have to deal with our opponent’s single goal advantage. But, nothing in life worth doing is easy, and if there’s one thing I’ve seen this team do all season long, it’s overcome adversity. Truth be told, it’s something most of us have done all our lives, as we work to grow the beautiful game in this country. It’s something we’ve done all season, whether against the Vancouver Whitecaps, or in the league. It’s something we’ll have to do once again on Saturday.

But, we know that none of it is possible without you, our supporters. You’ve been with us through it all. You’ve felt every blow, and revelled in every single high. You’ve cheered us on when we fought our biggest battles, and kept our spirits up throughout our best days. You’re the reason we work so hard, why our team – yes, our team, which has been our greatest strength – stands where we stand right now. And, on Saturday, we’re going to repay that faith and love with one final victory.

I joined this project early on. I still remember that first photoshoot, and all the speculation around my future. Truth be told, I always knew I’d be standing here with you. Ever since I joined the Foothills, my heart belonged to you. It always has. Calgary is my home. It’s where I grew up. It’s where I fell in love with soccer. And, it’s now the badge I proudly wear over my heart.

This Saturday, your Cavalry FC faces its biggest challenge yet. But, we know we can persevere. So, no matter what the weather brings, or what obstacles lay in our path, let’s face this challenge together, as we have all season long. It’s time to defeat Forge and make history. Let’s Take the Hill, one more time.

Your captain,

Nik Ledgerwood

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