CPL players take on the #StayAtHomeChallenge during COVID-19 pandemic

All eyes have turned (even more than usual) to social media these past few days, as the world comes together to stay away from each other.

Similarly, a number of Canadian Premier League players and coaches are also doing the responsible thing, remaining at home to help “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

So, while it’s hard to work from home as a soccer player, CPLers are still trying to stay active.

Here’s how they’ve taken on the #StayAtHomeChallenge on social media this week (feel free to also check out the Instagram stories of players, many of whom have posted there as well).

We haven’t yet seen this HFX Wanderers FC duo on the pitch, but here’s a taste of what they can do with their feet: 

Some familiar faces from Pacific FC have done the same…

Not every Pacific player, though!

Goalkeepers have to stay in shape, too: 

York9’s newcomer got his whole family in on it: 

And so, we’ll end with a key piece of advice from a Forge FC striker.