MENU Virtual Newsroom: Is Y9’s signing of Telfer the biggest move of CPL off-season?

In the latest episode of the Virtual Newsroom, Charlie O’Connor-Clarke, John Molinaro, and Marty Thompson get caught up on Canadian soccer news during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The gang chatted about York9 FC bringing back Ryan Telfer after his short stint playing in Cyprus, CPL teams returning to training and individual player workouts, and Jeff Paulus’s tactical plans for FC Edmonton.


  • 0:42 – CPL teams have returned to training. What does this look like? Peter Schaale and Stephen Hart gave us an idea.
  • 3:23 – “It sounds like players are hitting the ground running.”
  • 5:55 – Ryan Telfer is back in the CPL after re-signing with York9 FC. Is this the biggest move of the off-season? What does his return mean for the league?
  • 8:31 – Molinaro details Telfer’s departure from Toronto FC: “He saw the writing on the wall.”
  • 13:35 – FC Edmonton coach Jeff Paulus has instructed his players to study tactics from some of the world’s best teams as a means of preparing for whenever the 2020 Canadian Premier League season kicks off. Which team’s style of play and tactics could FCE be looking at  to duplicate?