About Us

The Canadian Premier League respects the integrity of the beautiful game. A game that has a storied history and is played by hundreds of millions around the world. Canadians love soccer. It is a passion that has always been there and is growing every day and every year. Whether it is every four years and the passion that gets ignited by the world cup, or the growing relevance of the Canadian Championship, or simply by the fact that so many people play and are associated with the game in Canada.

Soccer has been embraced by communities across our country. This is seen through Canadians playing in neighborhood parks and leagues. Not only enjoying the physical benefits of the game, but the bonds and friendships that will last a long time. In addition to learning about different people’s cultures who share the same love for the beautiful game. The power of soccer brings everyone together in support of community, club and country.

Supporter culture is growing exponentially in Canada. From supporters gathering at local pubs, marching to the stadium and unleashing their passion on the terrace through songs, chants and visual displays. Creating an atmosphere that stands out from any sporting events in our country.

Canadians participating in soccer is also unparalleled by other sports, with over one million registered players, coaches and volunteers. This has created a fervent desire for a national league. Passion for the game is seen first hand when entire communities come together to celebrate the World Cup, and other foreign competitions. It is time we come together to support Canada.

We exist from coast to coast to give fans and players alike a place to direct their passion for soccer. The CPL, our coast-to coast professional soccer league will be the pathway for players to develop and showcase their skills in front of passionate supporters. The top priority being to increase the national team pool and create competition with the goal of Canada qualifying and competing for the FIFA World Cup. The development of our coaches, referees and administrators is also a top priority, with the intent of elevating the game at all levels. Together creating a solid foundation that will help grow the game and be a force on the world stage.  

At the CPL, we believe in a set of principles:

  • We’re built to help grow the game and supporter culture in Canada.
  • We’re built by and for supporters. Without fans, there is no clubs and without clubs there is no league.
  • We place Canada’s interests first. Creating a pathway for our homegrown players to develop and showcase their skills in front of passionate supporters.
  • We respect the integrity of the global game. We want to create a league that belongs amongst the best leagues in the world.

Join us on the journey to achieve our vision, with all Canadian supporters rallying together towards our common goal.