2022 Canadian Premier League primary Macron kits revealed

The Canadian Premier League has officially unveiled the primary kits — created by Macron — that all eight clubs will wear for the upcoming 2022 season, which kicks off April 7.

The eight shirts were all designed with local communities in mind, each featuring an homage to the city or province in which the club plays. As the primary strips each club will wear throughout the season, they also feature familiar colours and styling that have come to represent each team throughout their history.

For this, the CPL’s fourth season, each team’s kit will be made from Macron Eco Fabrics, using threads made of 100% PET recycled polyester, with each manufactured shirt made from 13 recycled 500 mL bottles. This manufacturing process has the effect of requiring less energy during the production chain for each shirt.

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This year’s kits have several new features across the league, as well. The lettering and numbers on the back have been redesigned with a new collegiate-style typeface, inspired by the designs used during the Canadian men’s national team’s World Cup qualification campaign in 1985, paying tribute to the country’s previous soccer stars while simultaneously identifying those of the future. As always, though, the CPL mantra “We Are Many, We Are One” remains emblazoned below the back collar.

Furthermore, there’s a new method of honouring the CPL’s reigning and past champions. The current defending title holders — in this case, Pacific FC — will wear the North Star Badge above their crest on the front of the shirt. Meanwhile, clubs that have previously won the championship (at the moment, only Forge FC with two) will wear a CPL Legacy Patch on the right sleeve of their jersey, which will display the number of titles the team has won.

“Each new season substantiates the value and importance of a project like the Canadian Premier League, and we are particularly proud to have been part of it since its inception,” said Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of Macron. “The friendship and respect built in recent years have been essential to working in perfect harmony and creating unique collections every year.”

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Following Thursday’s announcement, each individual CPL club will also be revealing their 2022 alternate kits in the lead-up to the regular season. The schedule for each team’s unveiling is as follows:

Atlético Ottawa — Thursday, March 24
FC Edmonton — Thursday, March 24
Valour FC — Sunday, March 27

York United — Wednesday, March 30
Forge FC — Thursday, March 31
HFX Wanderers FC — Saturday, April 2
Cavalry FC — TBA
Pacific FC — TBA

The 2022 primary jerseys by Macron are available to purchase at, and more info can be found at The kit launch was also featured on Thursday by popular culture blog HypeBeast, which can be seen here.

Information on all eight 2022 primary kits is below, but to find out more about the designs and see more, click the name of each individual club.

100px-PacificFCPacific FC

The Pacific FC primary kit features the club’s classic purple colour with accents of the lagoon blue that has featured on their kits in years past. The shirt is made unique by a sublimated Douglas fir pattern, representing the trees that cover much of Vancouver Island. As defending CPL champions, Pacific are the first club to wear the North Star Badge above their crest.

Pacific FC's 2022 primary kit.
Pacific FC’s 2022 primary kit.

100px-CalvarlyFCCavalry FC

Cavalry FC’s primary is, as ever, red, and this year the club has brought back the regimental sash across the front that was incorporated in both their 2019 and 2020 kits, but absent from the 2021 design. The angular shapes on the sash pay tribute to the buildings that make up Calgary’s unique skyline. Similar to past Cavalry shirts, this year’s has small accents of both white and regimental green along the collar and sleeves.

Cavalry FC's 2022 primary kit.
Cavalry FC’s 2022 primary kit.

100px-FCEdmontonFC Edmonton

The Eddies’ primary shirt is, as ever, royal blue, but this year’s offering has hints of colour that pay tribute to the Alberta coat of arms, including the gold and green along the hem to represent the forests and wheat fields across the province. The collar and sleeves are adorned with wild rose pink in honour of the city of Edmonton’s official flower. The torso of this shirt features a faint jacquard striped pattern inspired by the blue Albertan skies.

FC Edmonton's 2022 primary kit.
FC Edmonton’s 2022 primary kit.

100px-ValourFCValour FC

Valour have returned to basics somewhat with this year’s primary shirt, with two simple blocks of black and Valour maroon arranged diagonally, with accents of harvest gold. They’ve also got a new collar this year, perhaps similar to the collar they wore in the inaugural 2019 season.

Valour FC's 2022 primary kit.
Valour FC’s 2022 primary kit.

100px-ForgeFCForge FC

Forge have a slightly different take on their classic orange look this year. The tone-on-tone pattern across the kit is representative of sparks flying from a hammer, inspired by the energy of the city of Hamilton itself. This kit also features hints of grey and darker orange, including a spiked flame design at the hem.

This year’s Forge kit will also feature their gold legacy patch on the right sleeve, which represents the two CPL championships the club has won.

Forge FC's 2022 primary kit.
Forge FC’s 2022 primary kit.

York UnitedYork United

Just the second primary kit under the York United crest, this year’s white jersey features all of the club’s familiar colours in York green, Lake Ontario blue, and Victory gold, which all feature on the torso stripe as well as in places around the sleeves and collar. York’s new primary kit sponsor — Greenpark Group — is placed above a silhouette of both the forests to the north of York Region and the Toronto skyline to its south.

York United's 2022 primary kit.
York United’s 2022 primary kit.

ATO Primary MarkAtlético Ottawa

The iconic red and white stripes of the Atlético Madrid family once again adorn Ottawa’s kit this year, with familiar hints of blue on the collar and sleeves. In honour of the city they call home, this year’s offering features a chevron design within the red stripes in tribute to the locks of the Rideau Canal. Returning once again in 2022 is the sublimated maple leaf on the back of the shirt, honouring the club playing in the nation’s capital.

Atlético Ottawa's FC's 2022 primary kit.
Atlético Ottawa’s 2022 primary kit.

100px-HFXWanderersHFX Wanderers FC

This year’s Wanderers kit is a little different to previous editions, though it’s still composed of the classic dark and light blue colours seen on each of their previous shirts. In this instance, the dark blue takes centre stage on the torso of the shirt, decorated by a faint wave pattern to match the design in the HFX Wanderers crest. The sleeves are light blue, with several other accents in that colour throughout the jersey.

HFX Wanderers' 2022 primary kit.
HFX Wanderers’ 2022 primary kit.

After being released on Thursday, information about all eight primary kits can be found at Kits are now available for purchase at

The 2022 Canadian Premier League primary kits, created by Macron.
The 2022 Canadian Premier League primary kits, created by Macron.