‘A starter and leader’: Terran Campbell returns to PFC following breakout 2019

Terran Campbell has 2,334 reasons to re-sign with Pacific FC for 2020.

The 21-year-old headlined a batch of returning players announced by the club on Monday – the first group of the 2019 Pacific squad confirmed for the club’s second season.

PFC’s starting centre forward played a staggering 2,334 minutes in 2019, a total that led him to 11 goals. Campbell’s minutes total was more than any others on Pacific – and more than any other Under-21 player in the league – as he competed for the inaugural Golden Boot alongside Tristan Borges and Dominique Malonga.

Minutes, playing time, and a bigger role … just across the Georgia Straight from his hometown in Burnaby. A fit worthy for a second season.

“I had the professional experience going into this season, I played in the USL and with Whitecaps 2,” Campbell told of this season. “But this was the first pro year that I was a starter and leader in the squad, so it was a different feeling for me, and a bigger role and it went well.”

Campbell had a big role in 2019 – and it could be even bigger in 2020.

Same goes for the other five under-21 players who were re-signed on Monday, including midfielder Noah Verhoven, full-back Kadin Chung, midfielders Matthew Baldisimo and Alessandro Hojabrpour, and winger Zach Verhoven.

“I think it took us a bit of time to settle into the league,” Campbell offered. “The first couple of games we were nervous as young players, we didn’t have a lot of professional minutes under our belts. It was a new league. I think it took us a bit to get going, but once we started to play we found consistency.”

Pacific FC's Terran Campbell and Forge FC's Dominic Samuel battle for the ball. (Photo: Pacific FC)
Pacific FC’s Terran Campbell and Forge FC’s Dominic Samuel battle for the ball. (Photo: Pacific FC)

Campbell, specifically, found that sought-after consistency as a young striker. Replacing former Canadian national team striker Marcus Haber, Campbell emerged as a late-season success story via a nine-goal Fall campaign. He was part of a group of 10 young players that carried the club through the bulk of the season, splitting over 13,000 minutes between them and smashing the league-minimum 1,000-minute threshold.

Interim head coach James Merriman noted Campbell’s ability to perform week-in, week-out as the season wore on.

“You also saw players have really bright moments and excellent performances and real difficult performances,” Merriman told “Which is expected at a young age – but the great part is we kept playing them.”

“They need to have some of that adversity – expectations and responsibility put on them, if they do have the potential. You see them either adapt and grow, or struggle and be challenged and are unable to adapt.”

While a Pacific FC training camp is up for Campbell early Spring, the centre forward could be in action before then. Canada’s under-23s squad is set to enter Concacaf qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Games this March. Campbell is one of many young CPLers that could suit up for the Red and White in a bid to compete in Tokyo next summer.

Does he see himself there? Or many other CPLers?

“There are a lot of good Canadian players in this league,” Campbell said to “But I’m not too sure. It’s a brand new league, but Canada Soccer has been watching.”

Good news for Terran? There are over 2,000 minutes of match footage to watch.

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