Ameobi and Moses on OneSoccer Hangout: ‘We all need to speak out’ against racism

OneSoccer’s Player and Pundit Hangout show on Tuesday saw FC Edmonton players Tomi Ameobi and defender Kareem Moses chat with hosts Asa Rehman and Oliver Platt.

The show began with a personal discussion about the current situation of racial injustice in North America, with both Ameobi and Moses offering their perspective on things.

“Being a black person, it hits closer to home a bit more,” Ameobi said. “I can understand all the frustration going on regarding the events the past couple of days.”

“We all need to speak out, because we’re all influencers in whatever way,” Moses added.

The two FCE stars also spoke about their experiences with racism, both in soccer and in life in general, and offered their advice to parents and kids for talking about the issues.

The conversation turned to lighter topics from there, with Ameobi and Moses discussing their virtual training regimens while they wait for FC Edmonton to get the green light to return to in-person practice.

“Our backroom staff have worked really hard to set up a training program for us,” Ameobi said. “We usually have a nice long run early in the morning, and a tactical session in the afternoon, then a strength and conditioning session in the evening.”

Moses added that he’s very grateful to have been able to rely on his teammates to help him stick to the training program, and help keep him from going too crazy.

“It’s great to have other teammates drag you along when you do have days like that,” he said.

The Hangout finished with some FC Edmonton trivia, as well as a discussion of the English Premier League’s return to play (with both Eddies players revealing their surprising club allegiances).

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