Angus McNab on OneSoccer Hangout: The challenges ahead for York9 FC

Monday’s OneSoccer Player & Pundit Hangout session featured York9 FC managing consultant Angus McNab.

In talking to OneSoccer hosts Kurt Larson, Oliver Platt, and Adam Jenkins, McNab discussed the tough task he faces in helping York9 drawing more fans through the turnstiles once the 2020 Canadian Premier League season kicks off.

“We’ve got to be better. We want to fill York Lions Stadium. We can take this in the right direction,” McNab stated.

With a background in soccer analytics both on and off the pitch, McNab offered his views on the xG (expected goals) stat and other commonly-used soccer metrics. McNab previously served as a long-time executive at Opta and SportLogiq, CPL’s data and analytics partners.

Other topics discussed on OneSoccer’s Player & Pundit Hangout with McNab included how he’s dealing with this period of self-isolation, how Y9 managed to bring in so many internationals this off-season, and much more.

To watch Monday’s OneSoccer Player & Pundit Hangout with McNab in full, click here.

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