Awuah and Nanco on OneSoccer: On chemistry, training banter, and Kyle Bekker

The tenth edition of OneSoccer’s Player and Pundit Hangouts featured, for the first time, a pair of guests, as Forge FC’s left-sided duo of Kwame Awuah and Chris Nanco joined the show on Wednesday.

The pair took on a slate of topics, discussing everything from their success with Forge in 2019 to what’s been keeping them busy in self-isolation the past few weeks — including Nanco’s fashion business, and the meteoric rise of Awuah’s TikTok account.

One of the chief topics they got into with OneSoccer hosts Adam Jenkins, Oliver Platt, and Kurt Larson was how — despite not always playing together — Awuah and Nanco together were able to dominate Cavalry so fully on the left side in Finals 2019.

Awuah, the left-back, put it down to chemistry.

Me and Chris have played together since we were 12, 13 at Sigma,” he said. “There were times when our team, I won’t lie, was kind of stacked, we had me, Chris, Cyle Larin, Richie Laryea, we had (2019 Forge player) Justin Stoddart. … So there were points in time where we were losing games where Bobby would bring me down from left wing to left back, and put Chris left wing, and have both of us attack that side.”

Awuah, who roomed with Nanco on Forge’s away trips last season, continued: “When you understand a person on the field as well as off the field it helps how you play. In general, I know how (Chris) plays, he wants to dribble and he wants to beat guys 1-v-1. If I give you the ball and I tell you to go, just go, I don’t always need to overlap.

My old college coach used to say, some people are piano players, some people are piano carriers. Chris is a piano player.”

To watch the OneSoccer’s Player & Pundit Hangout with Kwame Awuah and Chris Nanco in full, click here.

The pair had plenty of stories to share about Forge FC’s 2019 season, recounting how competitive they were amongst themselves — goalkeeper Triston Henry is, apparently, the biggest trash talker on the training pitch — as well as how they, growing up a few years behind him at Sigma FC, spent the formative years of their youth careers looking up to Forge captain Kyle Bekker.

(Plus, Awuah drops a story of the legendary Andrea Pirlo helping him and some younger teammates get into a club in New York City during his time in MLS).

It’s one of the most jam-packed Player & Pundit Hangouts yet.

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