Black History Month Conversations: Ashtone Morgan

In episode two of Jordan Wilson’s Black History Month conversation series, he sits down with Forge FC fullback — and all-around Canadian soccer legend — Ashtone Morgan, as the two discuss all sorts of topics, from their childhood playing soccer together in Ontario, to what it’s like to see so many Black players from Canada succeeding on the world stage.

“No matter where you’re from, no matter you’re background, those are my brothers,” Morgan said of his many teammates over the years. “To see guys that I’ve played with from when I was young, to when I was older, represent myself as a Black Canadian in this country and in Toronto is so powerful, just to show the world we have the best of everything, from all shades, all colours.”

Here are a few more highlights:

1:35 – Ashtone’s decade with Toronto FC and winning trophies
5:50 – Jordan and Ashtone reflect on childhood memories, pride in their heritage
12:25 – Ashtone’s advice for young players coming up the ranks
14:45 – “About time” to see Black athletes succeeding in Canada
17:20 – Rapid-fire questions!

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