Callum Irving and Nolan Wirth on OneSoccer Hangout: Battling it out to be Pacific’s No. 1

The OneSoccer crew was joined by Pacific FC goalkeepers Callum Irving and Nolan Wirth on Thursday’s episode of Player and Pundit Hangouts.

Irving and Wirth spoke with OneSoccer hosts Asa Rehman and Oliver Platt about a variety of topics, including their relationship as they vie for the starting role with Pacific once the 2020 CPL season kicks off.

Wirth made 12 league appearances for Pacific in 2019, while Irving signed with the club this winter after playing the previous three seasons with the Ottawa Fury.

“Whether it’s a player who’s played 1,000 games or a 16-year-old rookie, you have to find that relationship where you can lean on each other, push each other and hold each other accountable. If you can’t find that relationship, then it comprises the whole (goalkeeping unit) for the team,” Wirth said.

Irving offered: “For Nolan and I, we’ve been playing ‘keeper for long enough, we’ve gone through our ups and downs, and we understand that when we sign up to be ‘keeper on a team, only one guy can play.”

Both players described the unique challenges that goalkeepers face training on their own during this period of self-isolation.

Irving also recalled the strangest goalkeeping routine he’s been put through in a training session.

“I’ve had a goalkeeper coach who made me do forward somersaults before catching, acrobatics and stuff. It was… interesting. I was into it,” Irving said.

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