MENU Newsroom: Telfer reaction, Best XIs part 2 & Cavalry’s Anthony Novak

In the latest episode of the Newsroom…

Charlie O’Connor-Clarke and Marty Thompson analyze Atlético Ottawa’s signing of Ryan Telfer, finish the Best XIs so far with the eastern Canadian teams, and have recent Cavalry FC signing Anthony Novak on to discuss his swap from rival Forge FC, country music, and an upcoming cross-Canada road trip.

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  • 1:05 – Is Ryan Telfer Ottawa’s best player right away?
  • 6:52 – Who will score more goals this season: Anthony Novak or Ryan Telfer?
  • 7:27 – How does Charlie rate the CanWNT’s Olympic group?
  • 11:02 – Best XI so far part two: Eastern CPL clubs edition…
  • 11:36 – First up is HFX Wanderers, a team that was, well, pretty easy to pick
  • 12:23 – Atlético Ottawa: Is anyone missing from this XI?
  • 14:01 – Lots of questions surrounding York United’s best available lineup
  • 17:22 – “Yeah, you know, this is what Forge FC looks like.”
  • 20:21 – Anthony Novak joins the show to discuss his move from Forge to Cavalry FC
  • 22:09 – “No hard feelings with Forge… I’ve built a lot of good relationships with fans on the field.”
  • 24:29 – Anthony on the “bitterness” of crossing the divide between the CPL’s biggest rivals
  • 29:33 – Novak reveals he’ll be driving to Calgary – any sightseeing tips, send along to Anthony!
  • 31:39 – A game of Calgary “would you rather,” starting with a bizarre story of cowboy hat theft.
  • 32:51 – Finally, Novak reveals a surprising love of country music.

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