CCL! Ep. 18: Fantasy CPL trades & Forge’s Fall surge

Centre Circle LIVE! The Official #CanPL Podcast.
Centre Circle LIVE! The Official #CanPL Podcast.’s deadline signing John Molinaro makes his CCL! debut & Charlie O’Connor-Clarke returns to create a fearsome podcast foursome. The gang chat Forge’s rise to the top, other CPL contenders and a theoretical CPL trade they’d like to see.


  • 3:40 – Which Fall contender could overtake Forge?
  • 6:20 – How Marcus Haber’s brace could shakeup Pacific’s lineup…
  • 12:46 – Which players have impressed you this Fall?
  • 19:50 – Fantasy CPL: If you could make one inter-CPL trade, what would it be?
  • 22:10 – Would Ben Fisk fit at Forge FC? Armen thinks so.
  • 26:31 – Marty makes a ridiculous statement about two of the CPL’s hottest strikers…

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