Forge director brought experienced hand to kit design process

This isn’t the first time that Greg Dunnett has had a hand in creating a team’s iconic shirts.

The Forge FC senior director of business operations has been lucky enough to be involved in the design process for many a CFL jersey during the earlier days of his career. It’s why he was included in the Canadian Premier League’s travelling party to Bologna, Italy during the design process for the league’s inaugural kits.

And why he returned from Italy with the spirit of Hamilton very much on his mind.

See, while his peers at the six other Canadian Premier League outfits had two kits to design, Forge FC has already pledged a third kit, specifically catered to the history of sports in the city, and, as such, for the passionate supporters who follow them.

Forge FC's home kit. (Click to view full size).
Forge FC’s home kit. (Click to view full size).

Dunnett tells his experience in Macron’s facilities was “first-class,” adding that the “resources and time and creativity that Macron put into the process was great.” There was “creativity and preciseness in their work, everything down to the finest details.” It was also a touch overwhelming, he admitted, and perhaps others might have succumbed to giddiness.

But Dunnett is a man on a mission.

“Designing the home and away kits was an incredible honour, and I’m confident we created and designed a jersey that reflects the city and will leave a legacy far beyond this first season,” Dunnett told

“But we had to design three kits where everyone else designed two – and on our home and away, we focused on the key components of our club, like our sparks and the hammer from our secondary logo, and expressed them on our kit.

“That third kit, though? We wanted to create a jersey that tied into the great sports community in Hamilton, with a history of Tiger-Cats and Steelers and the Bulldogs. Our third kit is an ode to our brother and sister clubs from our community. We’ll also tie it back into our tradition as an organization, that sporting history in Hamilton.”

Job done, yes, but patience will be required as Forge’s third kit will be revealed at a later date.

Forge FC's away kit. (Click to view full size).
Forge FC’s away kit. (Click to view full size).

Still, when the orange-clad Forge FC takes to Tim Hortons Field on April 27, opposite the green of York9 FC to kick off the Canadian Premier League, Dunnett will look on with a bit of pride, knowing he helped make history through “one of the coolest parts of the job.”

But, as Dunnett said, his role was one of service to Hamilton first and foremost: “All we had to do was design something that connected with our club and our community. We’ve done that.”