LISTEN:’s Kurt Larson talks Open Trials on SiriusXM’s Canada FC managing editor Kurt Larson appeared on SiriusXM radio show Canada FC with host Aron Papernick, talking all things Canadian Premier League as the #GotGame Open Trials after stops in Halifax, Montreal and Hamilton saw a few talented players unearthed and identified by the league’s assembled coaches.

Larson and Papernick talk Open Trials on Canada FC, SiriusXM radio

Larson and Papernick discuss the processes behind the trials, including the day-to-day agendas at each of the stops, while also chatting about some of the standout players who made an impression in the first three of seven stops.

“If you talk to a few of our coaches, they were probably thinking that we weren’t going to find too much by way of talent, but each step along the way, (starting with) Halifax, set a standard that was pretty good,” Larson told Papernick on Canada FC.

“A few players out there caught the eye of a few coaches, and then Montreal raised the level a little bit – we were very pleased with who came out there, some real talent on display – and then Hamilton last week, I was there on Day 2 with our big scrimmage … and the level there pleased the coaches. It was really intense. They’ve identified a few players that I know are going to get into our preseason camp, so overall I think the whole tryout so far has yielded results.”