Simpson kept purple Westhills Stadium in mind with Pacific kit design

The purple-and-teal colour combination is rare in the sports world.

Next-to-no football clubs use the colours. Save for the strange surge of popularity in the 1990s, purple and teal have barely appeared in North America.

In other words, the colours are distinctly Pacific FC.

Thursday’s kit unveiling sealed that individuality that with a pair of monochrome strips in their signature colours.

Their home strip, which is “nearly 100%” purple, is the centrepiece.

“Purple is our colour, our identity,” Pacific FC president Josh Simpson told ahead of the launch. “Our goal was when we kick off, to have a purple stadium.

“Obviously we need purple kits for that.”

Pacific FC home kit. (Click to view full size).
Pacific FC home kit. (Click to view full size).

The vision of a clad-in-purple crowd in their inaugural match on April 28 was swirling in Simpson’s head when he spent three days designing the kits at Macron’s headquarters in Bologna, Italy.

“They had a few starter ideas for us that I was able to work with,” Simpson explained. “I’ve played over 10 years professionally myself, I knew what I wanted.”

The home kit has a slight “halves” design, splitting the shirt into two shades of Pacific’s signature purple. A trident, a key part of the club’s iconography, runs up the middle in another example of Macron’s unique small designs.

“It’s pretty cool that you can say this was made only for this club. People don’t understand how special that is, how cool that is,” Simpson continued.

The “lagoon blue” secondary kit, an all-teal strip, features sublimated “waves” flowing down the front of the kit as well as a nod to the club’s namesake.

“You’ll notice right away the away kit is very Manchester City-esque. I really like the Man City kits,” Simpson added. “They have sky blue, we have lagoon blue.”

Pacific FC away kit. (Click to view full size).
Pacific FC away kit. (Click to view full size).

With the blue kits set to be worn anywhere east of the Georgia Strait, purple is clearly what supporters and teams will see on Pacific’s home turf.

“When you include the jersey with the season tickets, with the stadium of purple for that opening day, it really drives home the culture we’re building,” Simpson added. “We want everyone in there in purple to make a special atmosphere. The kit is the first step to that.”