Stephen Hart on OneSoccer Hangout: The challenges of rebuilding HFX’s roster

Monday’s OneSoccer Player & Pundit Hangout session featured HFX Wanderers FC coach Stephen Hart.

In talking to OneSoccer hosts Kurt Larson, Oliver Platt and Adam Jenkins, Hart discussed the task he faced in rebuilding the HFX roster this off-season after the team finished last place in the 2019 CPL standings.

“We had a year under our belt. We wanted to make some changes, some changes were forced upon us. Others we felt we needed to have a different type of player in those roles. It was quite a lot of fun doing it this year,” Hart explained.

“We think we found in many instances players who could give us different look.”

Hart was asked what kind of preparation time he thinks he’ll need once the current COVID-19 pandemic ends and CPL teams can start training again.

“The big thing would be to be very, very careful to get into training with enthusiasm … there’s a potential for injury,” Hart offered.

Other topics discussed on OneSoccer’s Player & Pundit Hangout with Hart included how Nova Scotia is recovering from the recent mass shooting that rocked the province, how HFX players and staff are reaching out to the local community during the COVID pandemic, how the CPL might look once the lockdown ends, the one-year anniversary of the league, much more.

“This is going to be very, very different,” Hart offered.

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