Take the 2019 Centre Circle Live! Year-End Quiz

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Introducing the inaugural Centre Circle Live! Year-End Quiz!

Below are 27 questions Armen Bedakian and Charlie O’Connor-Clarke endured on the latest episode of the CCL! podcast, which is available now. Under the wrath of quizmaster Marty Thompson, the two had a tough time, needless to say.

You should have a listen. But first, why not try the quiz for yourself?

Broken into five rounds, you’ll be guessing goalscorers, deciding player heights, and remembering specific matches from the 2019 CPL season. How hard have you been paying attention?

How many can you get right? There are 49 points on offer. Let us know (@ArmenBedakian@charliejclarke, and @martythompson_).

Answers can be found at the bottom of the page.

ROUND 1 – Forever First: Facts from the CPL’s first season

Easton Ongaro celebrates with FC Edmonton teammates. (CPL/Jason Franson).
Easton Ongaro celebrates with FC Edmonton teammates. (CPL/Jason Franson).

1. Who’s taller: Easton Ongaro or Peter Crouch?

2. Rounded to the nearest 100, how many goals did Yorky claim to have scored, on a special edition of Centre Circle Live, in a record-breaking season from the future? 435 or 635?

3. Which defender led the CPL in passes completed?

4. It took Halifax six away league matches to score a goal, a streak ended by this player against Pacific.

5. Which coach said the following of his floundering strikers in June: “You can lead a horse to water … can’t make him drink, though.”

6. Rounded to the nearest thousand, how many consecutive juggles did HFX Wanderers midfielder Scott Firth complete during his 45-minute world record challenge on YouTube?

7. Which CPL player has faced Messi?

8. Two CPL teams ended tied on points in the cumulative table: Which ones were they?

ROUND 2 – Guess the Caps
Guess the number of caps these CPLers have had for the Canadian men’s national team. You earn 1 point if you’re within 5 – 5 points if you guess correctly.

9. Kyle Bekker

10. David Edgar

11. Marcus Haber

12. Marcel De Jong

ROUND 3 – Canada
Trivia from this year with the Canadian men’s national team and in the Canadian Championship

Lucas Cavallini during Nations League action. "(Canada Soccer)
Lucas Cavallini during Nations League action. “(Canada Soccer)

13. Which club would Pacific FC have faced in the Semi-Final of the CanChamp?

14. Which Canadian senior men’s player scored six goals and four assists in 2019?

15. A pair of Halifax Wanderers finished runners up for the CanChamp golden boot. Thomasz Skublak was one. Who was the other?

16. Name the lone Toronto FC player who scored a penalty in this year’s CanChamp Final second leg.

17. At 11 goals, Lucas Cavallini and Jonathan David are halfway to tying the all-time scoring record for Canada. David famously debuted for Canada in 2018. When did Cavallini debut?

18. This player scored in Canada’s 2019 Women’s World Cup opener against Cameroon.

ROUND 4 – Teamwork round
Name as many players who fit the description. Stop when you guess incorrectly.

19. Name the CPL players that have appeared in Europe’s top 5 leagues

20. Name the eight players to score for FC Edmonton in 2019?

ROUND 5 – Who scored?
Guess the goalscorer, the team scored against, and the date. Each are worth a point.

Marco Carducci of Cavalry FC stretches for the ball on FC Edmonton’s only goal. (Mike Sturk/CPL).
Marco Carducci of Cavalry FC stretches for the ball on FC Edmonton’s only goal. (Mike Sturk/CPL).

21. Guess from the goal call (OneSoccer’s Nigel Reed)

22. In the bright early-summer sun, this fullback sent a rocket of a one-hit volley into the top of the net, making it 1-1 and scoring in his only goal of the season

25. This brace machine’s breath could be seen when he deflected home a winner in front of his club’s supporters section.

24. Guess from the goal call (OneSoccer’s Adam Jenkins and Terry Dunfield)

26. A deflected freekick fell to this goal scorer in the 30th minute, sending the home crowd into a frenzy as soccer arrived in the Bluenoser Province.

26. Off the bench and into the box, this goalscorer scored his first if two with his first touch on the ball – off his well-known Canadian soccer forehead.

BONUS ROUND – Hypothetical scenario tiebreaker

27. The CPL introduces a radical new format which includes the brand new Fall Cup. All October league matches are treated as a playoff, with the last team standing without a defeat taking home the trophy. Draws count as carryovers.

Which club would have won this fictitious playoff in October 2019, starting on Oct. 2 when Cavalry played Valour, FC Edmonton hosted Forge and HFX Wanderers headed west to Pacific FC?


How did you do? Let us know (@ArmenBedakian, @charliejclarke, and @martythompson_).

2019 CCL! Year-End Quiz Answers

1. Peter Crouch

2. 435

3. Daniel Krutzen

4. Matthew Arnone

5. Rob Gale

6. 5,200

7. Jan-Michael Williams

8. HFX Wanderers and Valour FC (28 points)

9. 18 (Kyle Bekker)

10. 42 (David Edgar)

11. 27 (Marcus Haber)

12. 56 (Marcel De Jong)

13. Montreal Impact

14. Junior Hoilett

15. Mohamed Kourouma

16. Alejandro Pozuelo

17. 2012

18. Kadeisha Buchanan

19. David Edgar, Dom Malonga, Michele Paolucci, Marcel De Jong

20. Easton Ongaro, Oumar Diouck, Tomi Ameobi, Mélé Temguia, Ramón Soria, 
Prince Amanda, Bruno Zebie, and Marcus Velado-Tsegaye

21. Issey Nakajima Farran – Cavalry FC – July 1

22. Morey Doner – Valour FC – July 1

23. Dom Malonga – Forge FC – Oct. 9

24. Louis Beland-Goyette – FC Edmonton – August 1

25. Akeem Garcia – Forge FC – May 4

26. Marcus Haber – Valour FC – August 24

27. Cavalry FC (Bonus)