Valour coach Rob Gale teases unannounced signings of CPLers, returnees

Don’t be fooled: Valour FC’s 2020 roster is nearly complete.

Coach Rob Gale teased five to six new additions to his roster during an Instagram Live chat with’s Marty Thompson on Thursday.

When asked about his 2020 squad, which has 16 confirmed players at the moment, Gale said the club has inked three players who featured on other CPL teams last season.

“While it hasn’t been announced, the squad is firmly settled,” Gale said. “Three more that have played for other teams that have joined us this year. They’re fully part of the group now.”’s Ryan Brandt reported Austin Ricci (York9 FC), Chakib Hocine (HFX Wanderers) and Tofa Fakunle (Cavalry FC) were on trial with the club in early March.

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Gale also mentioned “a couple” of returnees from Valour’s Year 1 squad that will back, but have not yet been announced. Valour has five players currently unsigned from 2019: goalkeeper Tyson Farago, midfielders Raphael Ohin and Nicolás Galvis, and forwards Federico Peña and Michele Paolucci.

“We have a couple returnees we haven’t announced that we need to cover… We have 21 or 22 players. Just looking to fill one more spot,” Gale confirmed.

Domestic players are a priority for Gale, who has filled six of his seven international spots, with Jose Galan, Andrew Jean-Baptiste, and Amir Soto occupying key export positions.

Gale likely has signed another under-21 player, too, as his side only has two of a required three players born on or after Jan. 1, 1999 on its current 16-man roster.