Y9 fashion buff Daniel Gogarty eagerly awaiting inaugural kits

Nothing defines a football club quite like the way it dresses itself. Any team’s identity is inextricably linked to its jersey, a uniform shared by both player and fan alike. That’s why supporters of every Canadian Premier League club are so eager for kit releases ahead of the 2019 season.

Equally keen for those unveilings is York9 FC’s resident fashion buff, defender Daniel Gogarty.

The 22-year-old York University alum went fourth overall in November’s CPL-U SPORTS Draft, and his talents on the pitch are well-documented. Less known, perhaps, is his obsession with clothing design.

The fascination was born in an early job in retail. Since then, Gogarty has tried his hand at creating his own clothes, and he’s even got a little experience with modelling.

He tries to put thought into what he wears, and he’s not shy about his opinion on his teammates’ choices: Steven Furlano makes an effort, says Gogarty, while apparently Morey Doner could stand to make more of one.

York9 FC top. (Chant Photography)
York9 FC training top. (CHANT Photography)

With all that in mind, Gogarty was more than happy to chat with about fashion in football kits.

Gogarty has some strong opinions on what he’d like the CPL’s new wardrobe to look like. Primarily, he wants every team to have a look that’s unique to them.

“I’m hoping to see a creative idea that brings the culture of the actual team into the kit,” he says. “I don’t want to see just a red team, a blue team, a black team.

“I want to see how they express themselves; put some time, put some thought into the kit. Make it personal to every club.”

Gogarty adds that making it personal can be simple. The examples he gives are the inconspicuous slogans many clubs embroider on their jerseys: Bayern Munich’s “mia san mia,” for instance, or Paris Saint-Germain’s “ici c’est Paris.”

CPL kit provider Macron has a strong track record in that respect. The eagle emblazoned on SS Lazio’s powder-blue kit makes it one of the most striking in world football, and Udinese’s solid gold away shirt makes good use of an unusual colour.

York9 FC listens to coach Jimmy Brennan during training. (CHANT Photography)
York9 FC listens to coach Jimmy Brennan during training. (CHANT Photography)

Asked how a York9 kit might incorporate some unique elements, Gogarty already has his design mapped out.

“If I had to create a kit, the home kit would have to be green,” he explains, adding he’d like to see a design that incorporates the clubs nine stripes.

For Gogarty, it’s all about finding a balance between simplicity and distinctiveness. Some of his favourites – Real Madrid’s classic white look, or the current Canadian national team strip – strike the right chord in that respect. That said, Gogarty is also partial to Nigeria’s unconventional (and, fittingly, green) contribution from the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

“I like the green [of York9 FC],” says Gogarty. “It’s kind of a tougher colour to work with; it’s not very common it kits, but I think the green that we have, you can work with it. It’s nice.”

It certainly will be nice when, as coach Jimmy Brennan predicts, the Nine Stripes are playing in front of a sea of green at York Lions Stadium come May.