Dylan Carreiro relishes win in York Lions Stadium return

YORK REGION – Among the many, many links that Canadian Premier League players have to the people and places they play across Canada, Dylan Carreiro’s return to York Lions Stadium on Saturday could be one of the deepest.

The Winnipeg native attended York University in Ontario, and called York Lions his team, after all.

With Valour taking on York9 FC at York Lions Stadium for the first time – and plucking a well-fought 2-0 win from the occasion, their first victory in 69 days – Carreiro’s return to these familiar grounds couldn’t have gone any better.

“It feels good to get a first professional win at this ground,” Carreiro told reporters after the match. “And it feels good to be back where I went to school.”

Carreiro experienced many highs with the York Lions, winning Conference Championships in both 2017 and 2018 under now York9 assistant coach Carmine Isacco.

But how does Valour’s win rank among those memories?

“It has to be the top, for sure. For sure, it has to be,” Carreiro responded. “It’s my first time coming back and it’s with my hometown club, so you can’t beat that! My mom, my girlfriend, my sister, and all the kids I used to coach back in Vaughan soccer club were here, too.

Carreiro added: “The biggest thing was the three points and how well we did today. The boys put a good fight out over the full 90 minutes and I think we got a result we deserved today. Now we move onto next week.”