Zachary Sukunda on OneSoccer Hangout: ‘I had my heart set on going back to Europe’

The OneSoccer crew was joined by former HFX Wanderers FC defender Zachary Sukunda on Wednesday’s episode of Player and Pundit Hangouts.

Sukunda spoke with OneSoccer hosts Kurt Larson and Adam Jenkins about a variety of topics, including why he left HFX and signed with Finnish club Ekenäs IF this off-season.

“When I found out Halifax wasn’t picking up my option, I’d been pretty open (that) there were a couple CPL clubs that I was interested in going to, but I had my heart set on going back to Europe,” said Sukunda, who played in Sweden earlier in his career.

He later added: “Last year didn’t go as I was hoping it to. Didn’t get the minutes I wanted. Didn’t get the stats I wanted. Didn’t play the position I wanted. … I didn’t want to take another risk because if I had stayed with another CPL club and had another bad year, then you’re putting yourself in a real hole.”

Sukunda also offered his thoughts on the Wanderers’ big off-season roster turnover, which saw 17 players from the 2019 campaign leave the club.

“Obviously, if you look at the standings, drastic times call for drastic measures. You finish last place… I understand you’re going to do a big turnover. But I also think 17 players are a lot, and the goal is not to restart from scratch every year. The goal is to build a foundation, and it’s baby steps,” opined Sukunda, a 24-year-old native to Ottawa.

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