Emblem Story

The Canadian Premier League crest is as unique as our story and highlights the nature and beauty of Canada. Inspired by our Canadian beauty and people, it promises to be different from any professional league emblem in the world.

The North Star acts as a guiding light for soccer in Canada, a beacon for talent within our borders and a reminder of our purpose: For Canadians, by Canadians. A dream for kids from the Atlantic to the Arctic to the Pacific oceans to strive and play in a professional league of their own. It is the focal point of our goals and is displayed at the centre of our crest.

The character of our shores is symbolic of our commitment to represent all of Canada, from coast to coast. No matter if you live in a big city or small town, we share the same identity. The coasts are represented in the celeste outer rings. These oceans are our boundaries, from which we will develop within.

Inside our border, we find the vast landscape that we call home. The fields, parks and valleys where we play the beautiful game. The Earth is our foundation point, and it is portrayed by the lower inner green ring. The Sky embodies our limitless hopes and dreams for the game in our country, it is represented by the top dark blue ring. Together, they create a “C” defining Club, Community and Canada. This collection of four ring-elements symbolizes a soccer ball and portrays a time lapse of a star field. This signifies Canadian soccer as the sole focal point and centre of our universe.

The final form of our emblem is the Maple Leaf, the globally recognised symbol of Canadian values and Canadian pride. Designed in three distinct colours, which are inspired by the explosiveness of our Northern Lights. Divided in 8 parts, this reflects the diversity and mix of ethnic groups and languages of our country. A cultural mosaic where we come together to create something that is greater than our parts.

An honoured red version of the emblem will be used by the league and clubs during special occasions. The all-red emblem signifies our heart and passion to defend The Maple Leaf.

This will be worn with pride by clubs on Canada Day and when they represent Canada in tournaments including the Concacaf Champions League and/or FIFA Club World Cup and semi-finals and finals of the Voyageurs Cup.

We are Many, We are One.  

We are the Canadian Premier League.