A message from the CPL Commissioner

Our journey began with the spark of an idea

The beautiful game, played coast-to-coast

United by soccer, under one flag

And with a promise to you that we’ll always hold true

Our league was made for Canadians, by Canadians

The journey was long, but you brought us here

Like the ocean, we will be formidable force

And all of this was possible because of you.

You, our supporters, turned this idea into a movement

You, our believers, helped guide us along this path

To all Canadians, in all our communities, I’d like to thank you for your unending passion

And welcome you all to the Canadian Premier League

Remember, always, that this league is for you.

And remember, too, the words that define us:

We are many, We are one.

– David Clanachan, Commissioner, Canadian Premier League