MENU Virtual Newsroom: Atlético Ottawa home kit reaction, Alphonso Davies debate

In this week’s Virtual Newsroom, Charlie O’Connor-Clarke, John Molinaro, and Marty Thompson chat the night after Atlético Ottawa’s inaugural kit unveiling, offering hot takes and some hand-drawn interpretations of the eighth and final CPL 2020 home kit released.

The gang also discussed squad building in the age of COVID-19 and how CPL clubs are copingand they tackled the “Is Alphonso Davies the best left fullback in the world?” debate.


  • 0:12 – Atlético Ottawa’s home kit:’s initial reaction
  • 2:23 – Alphonso Davies is impressing at Bayern Munich, but is “world’s best left-back” a stretch?
  • 7:55 – How CPL clubs are building squads through the COVID-19 delay
  • 11:35 – The gang reveal their favourite 2020 home kit… by drawing it!