WATCH: DR friendlies giving Wheeldon Jr. ‘a good idea’ of Cavalry’s starters

With a few weeks of pre-season left and a couple of crucial tests under his belt, Cavalry FC head coach Tommy Wheeldon Jr. is ready to make some decisions.

Just like every other CPL coaches, Wheeldon Jr. rotated his squad quite a bit during his team’s series of friendlies in the Dominican Republic, giving all of his players a chance to impress and possibly earn a starting role when the Cavs’ inaugural season kicks off on May 4 against York9 FC at Spruce Meadows.

“By the time we return home from this camp, I should have a good idea of who the ‘starting 15’ will be,” Wheeldon Jr. admitted. “From there, it’ll come down to the last couple spaces.”

Competition for spots will be especially high considering Cavalry played York9 twice during their stay in the Dominican, with both teams starting completely different lineups in each match.

“Every time there’s a pause or a coaching intervention, you can see the guys solving problems, working it out amongst themselves and asking questions,” Wheeldon Jr. said. “They are hungry to learn.

“We’ve only got three to four games in the period we have here and, for me, until players have a chance to play a full 90 minutes, I’ll know who’s who.”