LOOK: Here’s where the CPL’s #GotGame Open Trialists are from

The Canadian Premier League’s first #GotGame Open Trial is less than 10 days away, and around 1,000 talented young prospects have already signed up to show their skills in front of the league’s collection of head coaches.

Those trialists have come from all across Canada, the United States and Mexico, as well as Europe, Asia and South America, which CPL commissioner David Clanachan said he found “fascinating” during his State of the League Q&A.

The #GotGame Open Trials begin in Halifax on September 20-21, before moving to Montreal on September 27-28. With trial spots in Toronto and Calgary fast approaching sell-outs, prospective players are now encouraged to seek opportunities in other markets.

Here’s a visual of where each trialist is from, with each point on the map representing a city with at least one – or in most cases more – registrants.

Players hail from all around the world. (Google Maps)
Players hail from all around the world. Click to view full size. (Google Maps)
A map of North America. Each point represents a city where at least one trialist has registered. (Google Maps)
Each point represents a city where at least one trialist has registered. Click to view full size. (Google Maps)

Here are a few more interesting figures from trialists who have already signed up from around the world:

  • So far, the youngest registered trialist is 16 years, 7 days old at the Calgary trials.
  • The oldest trialist overall? 42 years old.
  • The northernmost registrant(s) in Canada hail from Fort McMurry, Alberta.
  • Trialists have signed up from 15 different countries, including Argentina, Switzerland, South Korea, Australia and India.
  • A total of nine Canadian Provinces are represented (so far), making the trials coast-to-coast.
  • There are also participants from nine different U.S. States, including California, Arizona, and North Carolina.
  • The longest commute is around 11,200 kilometres, from a registrant in New Delhi, heading to Victoria, B.C.
  • Some trialists have previous playing experiences with academies and reserves for clubs like Manchester United, Sporting CP, Pumas, AC Ajaccio, and Santos Laguna.

The #GotGame Open Trials kick off in Halifax from September 20-21 before making stops in Montreal (Sept. 27-28), Hamilton (Oct. 1-2), Toronto (Oct. 11-12), Winnipeg (Oct. 18-19), Calgary (Oct. 25-26) and Vancouver Island (Nov. 5-6).

The CPL’s #GotGame Open Trials are coming to a city near you. Think you’ve #GotGame? Register at