Making the cut: List of trialists in Winnipeg to advance to Day 2 of the Open Trials

Day 1 of the Canadian Premier League’s #GotGame Open Trials in Winnipeg has come to an end, with former Canadian international striker Alex Bunbury leading the tryouts at Investors Group Field while data analytics company Kinduct gathered crucial stats on each of the participants.

Now, only 64 of the more than 220 trialists will be invited back for Day 2 in Winnipeg, to play in full-fielded 11-v-11 matches.

Newly-named FC Edmonton assistant coach and former Canada Under-17 men’s national team boss Sean Fleming was on scene in Winnipeg, lauding the trials for providing young players with an opportunity toward professional soccer that players on his rosters didn’t have in the past, and expressing his pleasure with the talent on display, too.

“I think it’s been brilliant,” Fleming told, of the Open Trials. “It gives kids that dream. We know that maybe a small percentage that will end up having a shot, and maybe a smaller percentage will end up being on a roster, but to have that dream to come out here, I think it’s fantastic.

“The attitude of the players is first-rate – they’re giving it all they have and that’s all you can ask.”

Though it was all or nothing on the field, only 60 trialists will return on Day 2 of the Open Trials in Winnipeg – who might those trialists be? Here’s the first cut list:

Dayton Lehman Goalkeeper
Dylan O’Connor Goalkeeper
Austin Benevides Goalkeeper
Matthew Mozynski Goalkeeper
Andrew Guzzi Defender
Victor Hugo Gomes de Abreu Defender
Connor Ismond Defender
Devon Hoier Defender
Garmina Paygar Defender
Joel Zimmerly Defender
Almahdi Al-Baldawi Defender
Kyle Moraldo Defender
Harrison Davis Defender
Kevin Garic Defender
Alex Haiart Defender
Ndanji Simwinga Defender
Joshua Harper Defender
Yohann Stewart-Barachin Defender
Adam Bromley Defender
Taylor Templeton Defender
Prince Amara Defender
Nile Walwyn Defender
Braden Silva Defender
Sahand Barazandeh Defender
Shiquan Lowe Defender
aaron Hidalgo-mazzei Defender
Josh Munoz Defender
Josue Boutouli Defender
Alejandra Vasquez Defender
Klenton Stockmon-Willis Defender
Josh Marius Midfielder
Nassar Ssempa Midfielder
Nick Frias Midfielder
William Paul Midfielder
Alex Alvarado Midfielder
Marco Paul Midfielder
Temiloluwa Oshode Midfielder
John Shehata Midfielder
Quincy Aipime Midfielder
Abraham Jones Midfielder
Andrew Kliment Midfielder
Mike Ndubuisi Nkoro Midfielder
Luis Ramos Midfielder
Daniel Fuentevilla Midfielder
Jason Muzvidziwa Midfielder
Maxwell Dragojevic Midfielder
Alexander Mrena Midfielder
Ezequiel Lubocki Midfielder
Olufemi Afelumo Midfielder
Jibril Yimar Midfielder
Ethan Cabral Midfielder
Anatoli Leveille Midfielder
Jonathan Dodd Midfielder
Caden Tomy Midfielder
Felipe Ferreira Forward
Avery Krishna Forward
Dami Adegunle Forward
Tristan da Silva Forward
Ajiboye Tolulope Forward
Daniel Unruh Forward
Rungano Kanyepi Forward
Tyler Attardo Forward
Rinor Hoxha Forward
William Brown Forward

The CPL’s #GotGame trials continue in Winnipeg on Friday before making stops in Calgary (Oct. 25-26) and Vancouver Island (Nov. 5-6).