Stat sheet: Van Isle trialists wrap up scoring for Kinduct’s top 5 performers

Data collection for the Canadian Premier League’s #GotGame Open Trials has officially wrapped from coast to coast, with analytics company Kinduct capturing all the stats, figures and metrics the CPL coaches need to formulate their thoughts on each of the participating trialists’ physical attributes from the cross-Canada tryouts.

The full data set will be available to coaches in the coming days, with players compared to one another in each city, as well as across the country, providing a useful measuring stick for the kind of quality and athletic ability each player offers.

Here’s the latest list of the top five performers at the #GotGame Open Trials from each city:

Vancouver Island

Untitled Spreadsheet


Untitled Spreadsheet
Top 5 performers in Calgary. Click to view full size.


Untitled Spreadsheet
Top 5 performers in Winnipeg. Click to view full size.


Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 5.30.51 PM
Top 5 performers in Toronto. Click to view full size.


Untitled Spreadsheet
Top 5 performers in Hamilton. Click to view full size.


Untitled Spreadsheet
Top 5 performers in Montreal. Click to view full size.


Untitled Spreadsheet
Top 5 performers in Halifax. Click to view full size.




Kinduct explains each of the categories in the graphic, on drills and exercises the players were tasked with performing on Day 1 of the two-day trials.

They include:

  1. Countermovement jump: A simple, practical, valid, and very reliable measure of lower-body power.
  2. Multi Rebound test: Looks at reactive strength index. The ability to maintain jump height with quick contact time.
  3. Standing Long jump: Measures explosive lower body power.
  4. Shot Velocity: Professionals are typically clocked at 60 mph. Multiple players in Quebec hit over 70 mph, with just one hitting that mark in Halifax and none reaching that figure in Hamilton.
  5. Pro Agility left and right: Change of direction drill
  6. Illinois Agility test with and without ball: Tests running agility with and without the ball.

Note: An average male registers a broad jump distance of around 88 inches. An excellent score, seen by professional athletes in leagues like the NFL, for example, averages over 100 inches, putting some CPL trialists well within the standard often seen in sport.