WATCH: Carreiro hoping for trophy celebrations at Investors Group Field

Valour FC returned to Winnipeg early this week after a stint in the Dominican Republic for CPL pre-season.

Valour’s No. 10 Dylan Carreiro welcomed the change of scenery.

“It’s good to get in some nice weather and the proper habits of being away from Investors Group Field and what it’s like away from home,” Carreiro said.

The club only just began to train outside at IGF before they boarded a plane for Punta Cana.

“Everyone was just in awe to see how nice of a stadium it was,” Carreiro said of his team’s impression of their home stadium for 2019. “We are very fortunate to have that facility right away coming into the CPL. It’s going to mean a lot to us.”

Carreiro hopes IGF will be a fortress in Year 1, starting with their inaugural match against FC Edmonton on May 4.

“I think we have the right type of players, we have a great depth of players,” Carreiro concluded.

“With a long season and as many games as we get, I think we’ll have a good chance to stay up there and compete for this championship.”

In the video above, Carreiro talks about how Valour FC is shaping up as pre-season continued in the Dominican Republic.