‘We’re planning a big unveil’: Clanachan teases ‘unique’ kits to be revealed this spring

More CPL news continues to trickle out as the league inches towards its inaugural season.

Commissioner David Clanachan was a guest on TSN 1290 Winnipeg’s Donvito Roundtable on Friday and said the league’s 14 (home and away) kits are set to be revealed in early April.

“We’re planning some big events for the beginning of April,” Clanachan said.

“We’re planning a big unveil in all the cities while making a national event out of it as well.”

Clanachan teased supporters even further about the Macron-produced kits, which will feature two unique designs for each team.

“Our partners at Macron were unbelievable to design 14 unique home and away kits,” he added.

“Canadians are going to be extremely proud to put those kits against kits from clubs that have been around for a long time.”

Clanachan also fielded questions about league’s goals in 2019, a potential partnership and more.

Commissioner David Clanachan on TSN 1290 Winnipeg’s Donvito Roundtable. You can listen to the full interview here.

“I am so proud of what the teams have done following the early pathway built by supporters and people from each of the cities,” Clanachan said, regarding the reveals.

This after the commissioner built momentum late last year.

“It’s (the CPL kits) something that hasn’t necessarily been done around the globe, so we’ll be one of the few that have custom-made kits league-wide,” Clanachan said late last year.

“We’re involving clubs, ownership and coaches in the design process too.”