Who’s in, who’s out? List of Alberta trialists to advance to final scrimmage

The final round of cuts are in for the Canadian Premier League’s #GotGame Open Trials  in Alberta, with the returning 63 Day 2 trialists whittled down to only 29 for the last of the 11-v-11 matches in Calgary.

With the CPL’s head coaches watching on from the sidelines, Trials Lead Coach Alex Bunbury and the rest of the league’s staff and trials coordinators will continue working with the prospective players and keeping tabs in the weeks to come, with analytics company Kinduct also collecting comprehensive data using a mix of monitoring hardware and software.

Here’s the list of players who have made the final cut in Alberta:

Alexander Van Ameyde Goalkeeper
Goran Radojevic Goalkeeper
Alexander de Rouyan Goalkeeper
Jon Stadler Defender
Tyler Bolen Defender
Michael Onwatuegwu Defender
Tyrin Hutchings Defender
Brandon McCallum Defender
Caden Rogozinski Defender
Enzo Paal Midfielder
Aribim Pepple Midfielder
Dallas Stern Midfielder
Quincy Aipime Midfielder
Minjae Kwak Midfielder
Roberto Torres Midfielder
Jared Ursulan Midfielder
Loic Kwemi Midfielder
Conor Macdonald Midfielder
Adam Plantinga Forward
Dimitri Nesen Forward
Juan Camilo Rengifo Morales Forward
Cody Karpyshyn Forward
Kyle Kozak Forward
Nick Moon Forward
Dilly Ohuegbe Forward
Jeffrey Victoria Forward
Maslah Farah Forward
Felix Guit Forward
Andre Minto Forward

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The CPL’s #GotGame trials conclude on Vancouver Island on Nov. 5-6.