Coast-to-coast: Canadian Premier League news you might have missed over the holidays’s Year-In-Review

In a time of year filled with year-end countdowns and Instagram stories that feel like 1,400-word articles, we thought we’d keep it simple for you.’s CPL rewind puts everything that happened in 2018 in one place — from the league’s first appointments to its first player signings.

Take a look and see if you missed anything. It is quite the list.

Spruce Meadows construction underway

Cavalry FC fans got an extra special present over the holidays in the form of footage and new renderings of Spruce Meadows via CTV Calgary.

Cameras were inside a snowy Spruce Meadows to give the public a first look at the renovations.

In the video report, Cavalry FC’s president and COO Ian Allison escorted CTV Calgary around the ground, showing some of the “perimeter renovations” the club was making ahead of stadium construction later this year.

FC Edmonton ‘back in the fabric’ of the city

Derek van Diest of the Edmonton Journal wrote about FCE’s incredible rise in 2018 from dormancy to prominence in the local community.

In this pseudo-year-in-review, general manager Jay Ball discussed the fan-driven initiative to bring the club to the CPL and how the rebranded club has reasserted itself in the city.

“I think it’s a different business model altogether, now,” Ball said. “The team has a different identity now, it’s a different brand and I think that’s based on the fact that we’re part of a brand new league and that’s the Canadian game.”

What to expect in 2019

Outlets in Edmonton and Winnipeg featured their hometown clubs quite prominently in their “what to watch for in 2019” articles.

“If the Oilers let you down, you’ve got another pro sports option in town,” CBC Edmonton quipped alongside featuring images of FC Edmonton’s first CPL signings Randy Edwini-Bonsu and Allan Zebie.

Top 10 Van Island Sports Stories

Pacific FC made the Victoria-based Times Colonist’s top 10 sporting stories of 2018, literally standing alongside a Croatian woman celebrating during this summer’s World Cup.

“In sticking with the Beautiful Game, it was announced Canada would join the rest of the world by having its own domestic professional soccer league,” Cleve Dheensaw wrote.

Westhills New
A rendering of Westhills Stadium. (CPL)

CPL picks up award in annual AFTN end-of-season rundown

CPL was named “Hero of the Year” by the blog in their eighth-annual year-end awards. AFTN (Away From The Numbers) have been doing their annual awards since 2011, when the Vancouver Whitecaps joined MLS.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Next year will see the launch of the new league, but everyone that has been involved in it this year, from the executives at the top (David Clanachan, Paul Beirne), to the coaches to the new players to the supporters, have instilled an excitement and infectious enthusiasm as to what this league can become and what it can mean to Canada and supporters. They all deserve a lot of credit and we can’t wait to see what the new year brings.”

Wheeldon Jr. quite ‘Compelling’

Cavalry FC’s charismatic coach was featured as one of the Calgary Herald’s “Compelling Calgarians”.

Known for his quick wit and positive attitude (he’s a great follow on Twitter), the Englishman talked about falling in love with Calgary, his time with Calgary Foothills FC and the future of pro soccer in the city.

“It’s a great challenge and I couldn’t have asked for a better job,” he concluded.

Teams-TommyWheeldonJr-v01_01 conducts year-in-reviews for all seven clubs staff also put together a year-in-reviews for all seven clubs, highlighting each bit of news that was made in 2018 from coast-to-coast.

CPL coaches tackle the difficult questions in holiday trivia series

Alright, let’s end this one on a fun note.

CPL Digital asked and CPL coaches answered (eventually, with a bit of help).

These are tough questions, though. How many points are on the maple leaf? How are you supposed to know that?

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