FC Edmonton announces departure of 8 players following 2019 CPL season

FC Edmonton announced Monday that eight players will not be returning to the club for the 2020 Canadian Premier League season.

The club have confirmed that the players not coming back are: Tony Tchani, James Marcelin, Oumar Diouck, Ajeej Sarkaria, Bruno Zebie, Randy Edwini-Bonsu, Dylon Powley and Philippe Lincourt-Joseph.

“It is extremely difficult to be saying goodbye to players I have worked with all season and in some cases for many years,” said FC Edmonton head coach Jeff Paulus.

“While we still have some ongoing negotiations we have had to make some difficult decisions to work within our cap and to improve some areas of the squad.”

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Sarkaria, Zebie, Edwini-Bonsu, Powley, and Lincourt-Joseph signed for FC Edmonton in early 2019. Zebie featured for the Eddies a total of 25 times, while Sarkaria made 10 appearances. Edwini-Bonsu went on to feature 14 times, while Powley made eight appearances between the posts. Lincourt-Joseph went on to make 12 appearances.

Marcelin and Diouck signed for the Eddies prior to the 2019 season. Marcelin made 23 appearances, while Diouck made 28 appearances.

Tchani joined the Eddies in August and he went on to play five times for the club.

“We are very thankful to the senior internationals who have come in and helped to establish a culture within the squad,” Paulus said. “With so many first year professional players they have made a big move and commitment to a new league and new project and I will always hold these players in high regard.”