FC Edmonton, Raúl Tito agree to terminate contract for 2021 season

FC Edmonton announced on Monday that they have agreed to terminate the contract of Peruvian attacker Raul Tito ahead of the 2021 CPL season.

The 23-year-old winger originally signed for the Eddies in February 2020, but he missed the Island Games due to travel restrictions and visa complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The club retained him for 2021 after a loan stint in the Peruvian second tier, but it appears that he won’t be able to make it into Canada this year either and thus won’t appear for the Eddies.

“The club was looking forward to Raúl being in Edmonton to showcase his talents and help us win, and the club did everything we could to get Raúl into Canada and join the team,” reads a statement from FC Edmonton.

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“But with the ongoing travel restrictions and complications due to the pandemic, and because of the immediate needs of both the team and our roster and of Raúl and his playing career, it became clear that this was the best course of action for everyone. We thank Raúl for his time with us, and wish only the best for him, his family, and his future.”

This news means the Eddies have 20 spaces currently filled on their roster, and six international players. They’ll begin their 2021 campaign at The Kickoff in Winnipeg with a game against Atlético Ottawa on Saturday, June 26 at 2 pm ET (1 pm CT).