Forge’s Smyrniotis: Our signings show ‘we’re doing something special’ in Hamilton

The cogs of the Canadian Premier League are turning faster than ever before.

Forge FC head coach Bobby Smyrniotis got in on the flurry of CPL signings this week, bringing in Marcel Zajac and Tristan Borges as his club’s third and fourth signings.

“We’re starting to work at a quicker pace,” Smyrniotis told TSN 1150. “People are starting to see the infrastructure at work.”

Forge managed quite a coup by signing Zajac, an NCAA standout who forwent his senior year at the University of Akron — and potential opportunities in Major League Soccer — to sign his first professional contract in a new league.

Smyrniotis speaks to Jim Tatti and Louie B. of TSN 1150. The full interview can be found here.

“There was interest south of the border. It was a great signing from our perspective. It shows we’re doing something special here in Hamilton and in the CPL when a player takes off from university a year early to be part of what we’re building,” Smyrniotis continued.

“What’s really exciting is a lot of talk and buzz about the Canadian Premier League down south in the U.S. That’s been something that has surprised me a little it.”

Looking ahead, Smyrniotis plans to keep moving by announcing “quite a few” signings over the next couple weeks.

“I’m very happy. Not only with the signings but all the work that’s happening in the background — with scouting and negations,” he added. “With the players coming into the league, people are starting to realize this is for real and the quality of play is going to be quite good.”